Sleep Coach Web Design: The Sleepyhead Coach Before and After

The Sleepyhead Coach is dedicated to helping tired parents reclaim their peace with science-based, age-appropriate sleep solutions. As a certified Newborn Care Specialist and Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Kaylee offers tailored advice and support to teach children independent sleeping skills, ensuring parents wake up refreshed and less reliant on caffeine. The SC team reached out wanting to move their website OFF of Wix, and onto WordPress.

Web Design Project Overview

  • Initial Assessment: The old website was built on Wix, and while it had some color and presented their offers, the website really lacked the amount of organization and personality it needed.
  • Branding: The SC team updated their own logo, and I helped clarify and improve their color palette.
  • Offers: The SC team wanted to keep it simple for people to book calls and support, but on their old website, it took users several clicks to get where they wanted.
  • SEO: SC didn’t have any organic search traffic for their website, so we were really starting from scratch.

The Sleepyhead Coach Website Strategy Plan

We wanted to move The Sleepyhead Coach over to WordPress, which was actually SC’s idea and I fully supported the idea. But, we wanted to also re-organize and simplify the website. Previously, they had a Services page that just had a list of their offers that were setup as products. But, that didn’t really allow them to really explain the value of the services, and fully show all that the team can do to support parents.

With the new website, we wanted to make it more clear this was more than just one coach, and make it very clear that the practice can help with babies as well as older kids. By helping multiple age groups, with multiple 1:1 services and digital products, we really needed to make it easy for parents to find what they needed. By separating the services by age group, it also made it easier for search engine optimization!

To help with clarity and SEO, we also made sure to expand the copy on the website. Google wants to make sure the websites they show in search results are authoritative and reputable, and often, having enough copy can really help with this!

Design Process

We moved the SC team to Flywheel (aff link) for their WordPress host, and we are using the Divi theme for this website. Here are some key elements I want to highlight on this website:

Home Page Services Section

On the Home page, we made it very simple for people to choose their path. No fluffy language, just simple illustrations with large sub-headers. They also mention in the text to the left that they have different solutions available, so people can get a quick overview before clicking through.

Main Services Page

I loved the subtle use of the moon and star pattern we used on the Services page to tie into sleep, just a fun way to add more visual interest! You can see we used this space to further clarify what’s included. It might seem like common sense to you, or not much of a “process” to go through… but people love to know details!

Blog Page

I usually recommend having a Blog to my clients because it helps build authority, and is very beneficial for SEO. For those who have a varied audience or a LOT of blog posts, I also recommend having a “featured posts” section where you highlight three blog posts that are answering some of your client’s most common questions.

Website Plugins Used:

  • Formidable Forms
  • CookieYes GDPR Cookie Consent
  • Divi Booster
  • WooCommerce
  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP
  • Rank Math SEO (aff link)
  • WP Rocket (aff link)

Final Website Design Reveal

SEO Results

With The Sleepyhead Coach’s old website in 2021, they only ranked for about 40 keywords and had next to zero search traffic. After working with me to get their new SEO-rich website up and running, they shot up and currently rank for over 2,000+ keywords.