Is your website feeling a little lackluster?

Sure, it functions, but does it truly represent your brand and captivate your ideal clients?
Maybe it’s time for a revamp, but you’re not quite ready for a full redesign. I’ve got just the solution!

Think of your website like a garden… 🪴

Over time, even well-tended gardens can become overgrown, or certain plants may no longer be as vibrant or relevant as they once were. But instead of uprooting everything and starting over, sometimes, all that’s needed is a little pruning, a few new plantings, and a refreshed layout to give the garden a new lease of life. 🌷

That’s where my VIP days come in – think of it as a professional gardener who swoops in, expertly prunes back the old, plants some new blooms, rearranges a few things, and leaves you with a refreshed, more attractive garden that’s ready to impress.

It’s a quick, focused overhaul designed to enhance your website’s look, feel, and function. It’s like a breath of fresh air for your online presence!

Wondering how this could play out for you? Here are a few examples:

Amy wanted to enhance her website with a shop page and an e-commerce feature. She also wanted to add a “Team” section to her About page, along with some photo swaps. All of this was achieved in our half-day session.

Emily needed a new sales page for her group program, some text edits on her Services page, new pictures on her Home page, and a new plugin. She got all this and more in just four hours.

Kim decided it was time to start sharing her thoughts more regularly and wanted to add a blog page to her website. She also wanted to redo her About page and update her SEO. We managed to accomplish this within a VIP day.

You could be like Dynasti:

Within 10 days of doing the retainer, I booked one $7500 contract, one Accelerator Spot ($2500), and two Speaking Gigs ($1000).”

Choose your VIP Day and let’s take your website from meh to marvelous!

Half-Day VIP – $1,000

Perfect for smaller but crucial updates, my Half-Day Retainer includes:

– Editing or creating up to 3 pages. Whether it’s adding a much-needed Shop page or revamping your About page, I’ve got you covered. Changes are dictated by your list of requests.
– Updating or adding plugins.
– Two rounds of edits. Because it’s gotta be perfect!

Full VIP Day – $2,000

A step above, our Full VIP Day encompasses everything in the Half-Day Retainer and more:

– Editing or creating up to 4-5 pages. More time, more results! Changes are dictated by your list of requests.
– Updating or adding plugins.
– SEO work. Let’s get you found on Google.
– Two rounds of edits. Perfecting your vision is my goal!

Also can be used for a one-page website!

SEO VIP Day – $1,800

For those who have the design they love but need to up their SEO game, this is the perfect package:

– A full SEO technical audit of your website.
– Page title optimization for up to 10 pages. 
– Blog content analysis (Google Analytics required).
– Keyword research for up to 15 keywords. 
– A 30-minute strategy call with me and ask questions.

“I made my website myself 4 years ago when I opened my business. What I had was super standard, boring, and totally not creative. It worked functionally, but the design was definitely missing. I just never felt truly proud to send people to my site before. The half-day retainer is easy, simple, and you will feel totally supported. I mean, before I had even “hired” you officially, you had gone ABOVE AND BEYOND answering all my questions. It just felt very reassuring to have you in my corner as a super strong resource.”  – Lexy Penney


What if I need more than 4-5 pages edited or created?

The VIP Full Day is designed to accomplish a significant amount of work in a short time. However, if you have more extensive needs, I would suggest the full website package.

Can we do SEO during the half-day?

SEO is only included in the Full Day or SEO package. The Half Day is strictly limited to design updates.

What happens if we don’t finish everything in the time allotted?

I’m pretty good at estimating what can be accomplished in a half-day or full day. However, we do ask that you prioritize the most important tasks. Any remaining tasks can be scheduled for another session or managed as part of an ongoing service agreement, if you choose.

**I cannot move platforms or change themes. I can only add or re-design a few pages.

Do I need to be available during the retainer?

Yes! You can be working on your own stuff, but I ask that you not take calls or meetings during that time.

Do I need to already have a website?

Yes, this is not a package to setup a new website.

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