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See real-world examples of how my services have driven success, profitability, and brand evolution for my clients.

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Jessica Hottle (Design + SEO Client)

8,156% increase in organic traffic
1,448% increase in new keywords

Simply You Nutrition (Design + SEO Client)

166% increase in new users
136% increase in sessions
187% increase in organic search visitors

The Typeset Co. (SEO Client)

686% increase in organic traffic

Salt + Smoke (Design + SEO Client)

174% increase in new keywords
10% increase in organic traffic
On Page 1 for local search results

Our biggest fear was that we would be overwhelmed, under-helped, and that the design process would drag on for months. None of that happened and we were blown away with your clarity and responsiveness.

Our friend highly recommended you, and she has very high standards. We interviewed a few web developers and felt the most at ease when talking with you. Given our high anxiety state at the time, we needed someone who would infuse a sense of ease into the process, with excellent skill and clarity and responsiveness. You were all of those!

We are overwhelmed with work and did not have the time or the energy to DIY our site. Hiring Jess was the best business decision we made this year.

Sybil Smith, psychologist

I could have taken a course and learned enough to produce an OK site, but I didn’t have time and I wanted more than OK.

You also did a great job taking my words and making them visually appealing on the site. I couldn’t believe how you brought them to life simply with the layout of each page.

This was something I never could have accomplished on my own and I feel confident my potential clients are seeing what they need to when coming to my website.  I feel like they see key messages and can get an idea of what I’m offering quickly, so they know if they want to read more. I’m thrilled that I saved myself the time and headache!

Kim Slack, RD

Prepare to feel heard and like you’ve got a real partner in building your site.

Jess can listen and collaborate in a way that is SO hard to find. Prepare to feel heard and like you’ve got a real partner in building your site. Jess collaborates well because she understands how people use websites – including you as the ultimate owner of your site – and she builds with those people in mind. She’ll be honest if you’re going in the wrong design direction, while inspiring you to be creative at the same time.

Ultimately, you will have fun as you helped to create a website both you and your clients love to come back to. For the first time, I feel like my website is staged to grow with me and my business. I feel so grateful to have invested with Jess! Highly recommend her in taking your brand and online visibility to the next level.

Melissa Landry, RD

Jess knows her stuff, creates beautiful web designs, and is VERY organized. You know exactly what to expect.

I am not a designer, I don’t even pick paint colors for my home without a designer. I am lost and incompetent with software of all kinds, and knew that I needed professional help. ASAP if I was going to get my website (and business) up and running instead of hiding behind “needing to create a website.”

Jess is relaxed and fun. In my opinion, for a solo RD, a website is an extension of your home and yourself. It needs to reflect who you truly are. Jess captured that for me.

Barbara Barrett, RD

My brand and business were elevated because of the changes we made.

I wanted to show up as 100% me on a website. Most website templates didn’t fit my personality and I didn’t know how to show case all of the work that I have done in a clear and concise way for my community.

You take your work very seriously. It shows in your online presence that you’re not here to just make pretty websites, you’re here to help new online business owners (like me) create an online presence where others can find purposeful transformations.

My brand and business were elevated because of the changes we made and shows that all the work I do in my running community is more than nutrition-focused.

Starla Garcia, RD

I honestly am so happy with what you have created for me and all the educational points related to website and SEO.

I was so nervous to look at the first examples of the website design and colors but when I looked I was sooo soo happy. It felt like it was perfect. I wasn’t sure if the way I was filling out the questionnaires would be enough but I felt as if you somehow new exactly what I wanted.

Danielle Mach, RD

Working with Jess is more like an experience than hiring someone.

I am not a professional when it comes to building websites so instead of wasting time and energy I decided to choose Jess. When I decided to let allow you to delve into my mind and get a feel for my likes and dislikes as well as what I desired to express you calmed my fears.

Kim Rose, RD

Best investment I could have made.

I didn’t want to look like a stay at home mom blog. I wanted to be viewed as a professional service. You are smart, efficient, responsive, and can take a dream and make it a reality. You are the most patient person, which is great for someone who knows NOTHING about websites.

Design is NOT my area and thank goodness it is yours! You helped me organize my vision and thoughts. You provided valuable insight and lessons learned that really help me.

Caroline Susie, RD

Working with Jess is worth every penny.

Your website will be beautiful and functional, you’ll feel like she knows you and you’ll be comfortable asking for changes. She’s easy to communicate with and things get done on time! I was definitely afraid of the investment – mainly my concern was that even if it looked beautiful I wouldn’t be able to update it with ease, but you solved that! So easy to update!

Katie Hunt, Health and fitness coach

Before I had even “hired” you officially, you had gone ABOVE AND BEYOND answering all my questions!

I made my website myself 4 years ago when I opened my business.What I had was super standard, boring, and totally not creative. It worked functionally, but the design was definitely missing. I just never felt truly proud to send people to my site before.

I just really loved your totally upfront advice – it was very straightforward which for someone like me who doesn’t really understand websites, was super refreshing. 

Lexy Penney, RD

I totally appreciate your unobtrusive approach.

I’ll just never forget how you took the time to answer some of my questions when I first found you through YouTube. I just knew then that you had a generous heart and that you truly cared about people, and I love working with people like that 🙂 I’ve never felt like you’ve given me a “hard sell,” and I totally appreciate your unobtrusive approach. You don’t need to do a hard sell, to me at least. Your work and spirit speak for themselves.

Mollie McPhee, Photographer

My website looked “blah” It wasn’t reflective of the high end service that I am providing my clients. I totally recommend you, my site looks phenomenal!

Have I ever told you how much I love you?

Is that too forward?

Finally a tech savvy person I trust!!!!!!!
Colleen Christensen, RD

Thank you for never rushing our project but basically finishing ahead of schedule.

Jess is SUPER type A, gets things done ahead of schedule, and takes direction well while pushing back on things that she doesn’t think are a good idea.

Danielle Repetti, fitness coach

“Invested in a relationship with me rather than a quick sale…”

What sold me on Jess was during our first couple inquiry emails, there was NO pressure. Jess created the space for me to see if our needs matched and, more importantly, respected me enough to invest in a relationship with me rather than a quick sale. It felt like a partnership when it was time to review work. Not only does she save time by cutting through words and gets to the heart of representing a brand in the most authentic light possible, but she brings a no-nonsense approach to delivering a customer centered experience.  She’s a kick ass person and working with her will be like working with a friend, a friend who happens to be an award winning designer!

Ingrid Cohen, Health Coach

“Done before the due date?!”

Everything was perfect! from the contract, the invoice, and the communication through Basecamp. You were wonderful to work with! I loved how you explained everything in a way I could understand. You were timely (done before the due date?!), and I loved working with you. I can not wait to launch my new site! You seemed to totally “get me” and I am happy that I decided to invest the money for a site that I love.

Alexandra Boncek, Photographer

Jess made the entire website redesign process simple and easy. My team and I appreciated her upfront organization, incredibly fast turn around, and willingness to promptly answer all of our questions. I’m very happy with Jess’ work and am very much enjoying having a beautiful new home and shop for my paintings!

Cindy Harris, Artist

My biggest fear is that I wouldn’t have enough content or images to convey me and my business in a professional light which would instill confidence in my prospective clients. You created a site that completely featured me and as well as my business, in a very professional way!

Carrie Poppelaars, Bookkeeper

“The time I saved in having it done right the first time is priceless.”

I’ve always heard that you should outsource anything that sucks your life away or anything you’re not good at, and I wanted to get everything done right the first time. I hired a professional because I wanted someone who knew exactly what they were doing and who would be much better at it than I could ever be! The time I saved in having it done right the first time is priceless.  It was basically as easy as messaging her, and getting a response quickly if I needed anything. She listened to my vision and I got exactly what I wanted!

Kaley Gross, Photographer

“Jess felt like part of my team!”

Have you ever seen those really awesome baristas that can make eye catching, breathtaking, awe inspiring art with steamed milk? It’s such a talent and amazing skill, I have no idea how they do that. You know what else is eye catching and breathtaking? My website. My designer Jess, is like a barista for your business. She takes your order, puts it all together just the way you like it, and delivers it quickly with a smile. I’d launch a new site every day if it were only the price of a mocha latte.

Jess felt like a part of my team than someone who is performing a service for hire. It was extremely easy to communicate with her and she seemed to know when I wasn’t quite happy with something. It felt like I was her only client.

Kristen Ekiss, Health and Fitness Coach