Education Web Design: WiseKinde Before and After

WiseKinde, a math tutoring company, offers both in-person and virtual sessions that transform the way students and parents (like you!) approach math. With a team of outstanding educators, they’re ready to support you every step of your math journey. Our goal was to create a user-friendly website that not only captures the essence of WiseKinde’s brand but also effectively reaches more parents. The new site aimed to triple their 1-on-1 session bookings and successfully launch a new program. The website needed to clearly communicate that WiseKinde’s tutors cater to a diverse range of students and emphasize the benefits of their Math Pass offer for families, ensuring it was a priority.

Web Design Project Overview

  • Initial Assessment: The old website was built on an outdated platform that the client didn’t even know how to use. The layout of the website was unstructured and confusing, and lacked personality.
    • There was an inconsistency in images used and image display options (rounded edges, squares, circles), as well as inconsistencies in fonts and structure.
    • It was not obvious that Math Pass was the core offer and what the company wanted to focus on.
    • Pricing and packages listed were very confusing for users, which prevented people from reaching out.
    • The client preferred that people call or text, but didn’t have that contact information easily available on the website.

WiseKinde Website Strategy Plan

The first step of our website plan was to move WiseKinde over to WordPress so that it was easier to manage, had more features, and had capacity to grow with the business. We decided to re-organize the Home page to really highlight the Math Pass, since that’s where they wanted to really push people.

We kept the tutors page, because it’s important for parents to know these are real tutors with experience. We kept the Math Pass page by itself so that we had enough space to really help sell the offer. Often, people try to combine all of their services on one page, but that can make it crowded and it’s hard to really explain the offer in detail without making the page overly lengthy.

We simplified the tutoring services page and the messaging around the pricing. Rather than separate these based on ages, we kept it all on one page since it’s the same service with just a difference in session length and pricing. It’s possible some parents may have 2-3 kids at different ages that all need tutors, so parents can also see all of the tutoring information in one spot.

Design Process

We setup WiseKinde on Flywheel (the WordPress host), and we are using the Divi theme for this website. Here are some key elements I want to to highlight on this website:

Contact Buttons

We wanted to make it SO easy to contact WiseKinde, especially so people know that you can text (which is rare!). So, instead of just a Contact page, we put these direct contact buttons in the header that people can click on to reach out immediately.

Product Demonstration

Math Pass is such a unique offer, because students and parents can text their tutor for help! Just take a picture of your homework and get help?! Amazing. So, having a screenshot of this interaction to really demonstrate it is powerful. Most people would maybe assume this tutoring is via email, or Zoom, etc. But, we really wanted to show what makes Math Pass different!

Diverse Photos

Since WiseKinde serves a variety of students, both in-person and virtually, we needed to make sure we showcased all ages of students in the photos. It was also important to showcase a variety of ethnicities as well, since they can serve families all over the US. Your clients want to see themselves on your website, they want to know they’re welcome––and a picture is worth a thousand words.

Website Plugins Used:

  • Antispam Bee
  • CookieYes GDPR Cookie Consent
  • Divi Booster
  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP
  • Rank Math SEO (aff link)
  • UserFeedback Lite
  • WooCommerce (+ Stripe Gateway)
  • WP Rocket (aff link)
  • WPForms

Final Website Design Reveal