On-Page SEO Services for Small Businesses That Help You Get Found

You’re amazing at what you do. Make sure Google lets the right people know it.

Struggling to keep up with social media trends and algorithms? Tired of creating content that doesn’t even connect you with your ideal audience? The key to more sales and bookings isn’t just followers and reach. It’s site traffic and targeted messaging.

Did you know: on-page SEO drives 1,000%+ more traffic than organic social media?

SEO, or search engine optimization, helps you become the answer to someone’s desperate Googling. People are looking for what you do, right at this very moment!

To get seen in their Google search results, you need a targeted strategy to optimize every page of your site. That’s exactly what SEO services for small businesses can do for you! 

Ready to command more attention with your small business SEO — and see results like THIS ⬇️? Let’s work together!

“In less than a month after we worked together, I saw a 6% increase in website traffic.

Jess was very thorough in assessing what my website needed to improve my SEO. After the audit was done, she provided me with everything I needed to maintain my SEO and improve it moving forward.” – Nikki

“My site started ranking better for important keywords within just a few weeks.

“You did an excellent job and exceeded my expectations. The process of working with you was simple and you went above and beyond. I’ve paid other SEO consultants for work and it never amounted to anything useful or impactful on my website. The opposite happened after working with you.” – Stephanie

“Jess helped me double my website traffic in just three months.

My inbox is now flooded with inquiries from potential clients. My website is my lead magnet machine and Jess Creatives helped make that possible!” – Hannah

Choose from three small business on-page SEO services

My SEO services for small businesses help place your brand directly in the path of potential clients actively searching for the solutions you offer. No more casting wide nets in hopes of a catch! My strategic approach connects you to people who already looking for what you offer.

For over 13 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses to help them understand their SEO, make necessary updates, and see massive increases in their traffic and reach. 

Ready to get started improving your SEO? Select the package that fits your small business SEO needs! 



Starting at $250

You’re comfortable updating your website, but you just want someone to finally tell you what keywords to use and where to put them! 

What’s Included:

  • Keyword research (up to 10 pages)
  • Suggestions for each page
  • 90-day check-in to see results

This is for you if you don’t want to take another course, and you want personalized SEO information handed to you on a silver platter.




You love your site’s design but need to up its SEO game. This is the VIP day for you!

  • A full SEO technical audit of your website
  • Page title optimization for up to 10 pages
  • Blog content analysis (Analytics required)

OR for product businesses:

  • Optimize *just* your digital or physical products to get them in Google. Package starts at $500. (No pages, only products.)

This is for you if you just need someone to come in and take SEO off your plate.




Do you want to create more content to boost your SEO… but aren’t sure what to talk about? This package is for you!


  • #1: Keyword research for 30 blog topics with a suggested title and outline
  • #2: Audit existing blog content and make recommendations

This is for you if you’ve only blogged a little (or not at all), and want to increase your website traffic.

“You made it so easy to take action with the keyword strategy! I literally just went through the spreadsheet row-by-row and made the updates. It really got me thinking about all the other parts of my website. I think it’s just going to help people understand exactly what I do and that’s something you don’t think about with SEO–by adding that to my website, it is literally making it clear for people to understand what I do.” – Caroline, podcast consultant

 Real website & SEO client results

Client: In the Curious Kitchen

98% increase for keywords on page one
169% increase in organic traffic

Client: Sam Vander Wielen

163% increase in keywords on page one
233% increase in organic traffic

What can on-page SEO do for your small business?

There are endless statistics out there, explaining how valuable optimized websites are for small businesses. But let’s put all that into perspective — and talk about why SEO matters for your brand.

“My whole business has changed after working with Jess Creatives.

I barely have to do any marketing because my SEO takes care of that. People find me for networking, podcasts, and presentation opportunities because I’m coming up on Google.” – Caroline

✓ Better SEO means BETTER leads

Generic, high-volume keywords aren’t doing you any favors. Targeted SEO can help you hone in on how your audience searches — so more of them come to your site! 

✓ Keep your website (and biz) ahead of the curve

Google’s ranking algorithm considers over 200 factors, making a comprehensive and up-to-date strategy crucial to boosting your website traffic and results!

Leverage SEO to reach your goals — now and in the future

Let’s be real: SEO can be daunting for even seasoned professionals. Cut through the confusion with digestible tips & insights that empower you to improve your SEO now & later!

Ready for SEO services for small businesses like yours, that help you get seen by the right people? Let’s do this!

Ready to book your on-page SEO project? Great! 

Optimizing your site for higher Google rankings is one of the best things you can do for your business. After all, the more people who see your business on Page 1 of Google, the more traffic you get — and when it’s all strategically targeted, they’re more likely to convert! 

If you’re ready to book SEO services for your small businesses, here’s how it works:

Apply to work with me

Receive approval + Sign your contract

Services begin on the date you choose!

Ready for SEO services for small businesses like yours, that help you get seen by the right people? Let’s do this!

Have more questions about my on-page SEO services for small businesses?

What if I'm not creating content? Are these SEO services right for me?

I can still help you update your site’s main pages and any product pages you may have! I also want to note, though, that Google loves to see fresh content on your website, even if it’s only once per month. With more content, you’re making it easier to increase how you rank in search. If you’re not blogging or creating content, you likely won’t see much traction with SEO.

Does it matter where my website is built? Do you need my login?

I can work within most website platforms. I will only need your login for the VIP day, we won’t need it for the audit or coaching.

Do you update the SEO on the back-end of my website?

I will update your SEO on the backend of your site during a VIP day, as well as for the Product SEO Quick Fix package. I will not update SEO for the Content Ideas package, however.

What is your refund policy?

Once services are completed, there are no refunds. I cannot (nor can any other SEO experts) truly guarantee results as Google has their own algorithms that fluctuate.

What if I want something else that's not listed?

We can customize a package for you! Inquire and let me know what you’re looking for.


Not ready to move forward yet?

I have guides and courses to help you DIY your SEO!