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Public Speaker Web Design

Jessica Freeman is an award-winning web designer who helps small business owners and online entrepreneurs grow their business and get more clients from their online presence.

Speaking for conferences, podcasts, summits, and workshops

Jess delivers engaging, educational talks for entrepreneurs
and small business owners who need to step up
their marketing and be more visible online.  

Signature keynote website topics:

Two Ways to Build Website Traffic and Trust

Learn how to incorporate more content into your brand so that you can expand your reach, impact more people, and bring in more revenue. No need to spend thousands of dollars or have a huge audience to see results.

How to Turn More Browsers into Buyers on Your Website

Make your website a marketing machine so that you can increase your revenue in less time. If you are tired of having to constantly pitch yourself to get clients, it’s time turn your website into a lead-generating machine that works FOR you. 

Why do you need Jess?

Jess’ approach is simple: you don’t need a six-figure budget to stand out online.

Jess teaches about doing what’s sustainable, not hustling until we reach burn-out.

Official bio: Jessica Freeman is an Atlanta-based award-winning graphic and web designer that helps health and fitness business owners build authority and get more clients. When she’s not working with clients, you can find her teaching inside her Better Collective community and Work Your Website challenges. Jess has been featured in over 50 different podcasts and publications, and also runs her own YouTube channel and podcast.

Jess has presented to these communities:

  • Freelance to Freedom, Leah Kalamakis
  • Dietitian HQ, Heather Neal
  • Unstoppable Business Accelerator, Nicole Liloia
  • RD Entrepreneur Symposium 2019-20, Heather Neal
  • Maker’s Rally 2017, Atlanta, GA
  • ShiftCon Influencer Conference 2019
  • Type One Nation Summit 2020
  • Amy-Cole Workshop: June and October 2020

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