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Jessica Freeman is an award-winning web designer who helps small business owners and online entrepreneurs grow their business and get more clients from their online presence.

Jess delivers engaging, educational talks for entrepreneurs and small business owners who need to step up their marketing and be more visible online.  

Speaking for conferences, podcasts, summits, and workshops

Note: I only contribute to spaces that have equally diverse line-ups, so I will be asking who else will be presenting / has presented.

“Your teaching is so concrete and direct, but at the same time, like a comfortable blanket that says, ‘It’s going to be alright, here’s how we’re going to do this.’ You’re amazing!”
– Katie Hunt, Proof to Product

“I attended the SEO class you did for Shelley’s Shop School. It was FANTASTIC! I’ve taken other classes before but they were more like infomercials than actual classes. Thank you for giving me information that I can use.” – Elizabeth

“Jess’s SEO workshop really informative but also succinct! The SEO workshop had regular implementation breaks; these were was super helpful for retaining info, and let us put some of what we were learning into practice. It also meant we could ask questions as we tried things out in real time!! Jess’s presenting/teaching style is very encouraging, and she makes the daunting task of dealing with SEO seem way less intense.” – Samantha

Signature keynote website topics:

Aligning SEO with Your Business Goals

This topic dives is about leveraging SEO not just for traffic, but as a fundamental driver of business growth and direction. Understanding this alignment is crucial for entrepreneurs who want to ensure that every marketing dollar spent is an investment in their future success, not just a short-term gain.

Repurposing Content for Social Media and SEO Growth

This topic demonstrates how entrepreneurs can maximize their content’s reach and effectiveness by smart repurposing. Learning to repurpose effectively can help business owners stand out, reach broader audiences, and reinforce their message without burning out on content creation.

Leveraging SEO and Automation to Save Time in Your Business

This topic addresses how strategic SEO, combined with smart website strategy and automation tools, can streamline operations and save significant time for business owners. It focuses on automating repetitive tasks and optimizing digital workflows to free up time for strategic thinking and growth activities.

Why do you need Jess?

Jess’ approach is simple: you don’t need a six-figure budget to stand out online.

Jess teaches about doing what’s sustainable, not hustling until we reach burn-out.

Official bio: Jessica Freeman, the creative force behind the award-winning Jess Creatives, is also an accomplished author and a dedicated wife and mom. Passionate about transforming businesses into unique and vibrant online entities, Jess uses her expertise to help professionals attract better clients and stand out in the digital world. Living in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and daughter, you can find Jess sipping her favorite Diet Dr. Pepper and championing causes close to her heart.

Jess has presented to these communities:

  • Freelance to Freedom, Leah Kalamakis
  • Dietitian HQ, Heather Neal
  • Unstoppable Business Accelerator, Nicole Liloia
  • RD Entrepreneur Symposium, Heather Neal
  • Maker’s Rally, Atlanta, GA
  • ShiftCon Influencer Conference
  • Type One Nation Summit
  • Amy-Cole Workshop, Amy Sullins
  • Proof to Product Labs, Katie Hunt
  • Shop School, Shelley Easter

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