Get the Site Updates You Need (Fast)

Give your site a refresh — in a single day!

You know that feeling you get after a new haircut? Even if it’s not an entirely different style, you just feel… fresh.

Our websites all need a little “haircut” from time to time, too. They need to be refreshed and updated occasionally, especially as offers change and goals evolve. Plus, as a business owner, you’re always learning more about your work and your audience. Your website should reflect all the experience and insight you’ve gained.

Of course, you don’t need a whole new website every time these updates arise. That’s why I’ve created VIP days for site and SEO updates.

Choose from three VIP day packages

Need help updating your website design, pages, or flow? Want to prioritize SEO so you get found by more people on Google? I offer three VIP day packages for business owners who have existing sites and have a variety of site and SEO needs!



It’s been awhile since your website has been touch, and you want to make sure it’s safe + secure!

– Detailed assessment of your site’s design and layout.
– Fix broken links and other issues.
– Check mobile view and security.
– SEO and performance analysis.

This package does not include any other changes requested by you.

Half-Day VIP


Perfect for smaller but crucial updates, my Half-Day Retainer includes:

– Editing or creating up to 3 pages. Whether it’s adding a much-needed Shop page or revamping your About page, I’ve got you covered. Changes are dictated by your list of requests.
– Updating or adding plugins.
– Two rounds of edits included, because it’s gotta be perfect!

Full VIP Day


More time to update your site’s design. This is the fast track to a stronger site!

– Editing or creating up to 4-5 pages. More time, more results! Changes are dictated by your list of requests.
– Can update or add plugins, or do light SEO work
– Two rounds of edits. Perfecting your vision is my goal!

Also can be used for building a one-page website!

**VIP day packages do NOT include new site builds, platform migration, or new site themes. Design changes are limited to adding or re-designing select pages. If you want *only* SEO done, check out my SEO VIP day!

You could be like Dynasti:

Within 10 days of doing the VIP day, I booked one $7500 contract, one Accelerator Spot ($2500), and two Speaking Gigs ($1000).”

What can you accomplish during an SEO or website VIP day?

Curious how you can use your VIP day to improve your site? Here are just a few stories of VIP day clients: 

Sam wanted to overhaul her Instagram links page to be on-brand, more in-depth, as well as user-friendly. We started the page from scratch and put it all together in a half-day VIP Day!

Colette needed to give her website a refresh before a speaking event. We added new copy, brand photos, new graphics and made a slight color palette change. All done in a Full VIP Day!

Stephanie was switching niches. She wanted to drive more of the right traffic to attract her ideal audience. We optimized her pages and pruned her blog content, all in one SEO VIP Day!

Want to know if we can get YOUR needs done in a VIP day?

“Jess is a solid hire. She’s organized, pays attention to the details and delivers on what she promises. The proof is in her results.” – Sam Vander Wielen

Real website & SEO client results

Client: Jessica Hottle

8,156% increase in organic traffic
1,448% increase in new keywords

Client: Simply You Nutrition

166% increase in new users
187% increase in organic search visitors

“I made my website myself 4 years ago when I opened my business. What I had was super standard, boring, and totally not creative. It worked functionally, but the design was definitely missing. I just never felt truly proud to send people to my site before. The half-day retainer is easy, simple, and you will feel totally supported. I mean, before I had even “hired” you officially, you had gone ABOVE AND BEYOND answering all my questions. It just felt very reassuring to have you in my corner as a super strong resource.”  – Lexy Penney

Have more questions before you book your VIP day?

What if I need more than 4-5 pages edited or created?

The VIP Full Day is designed to accomplish a significant amount of work in a short time. However, if you have more extensive needs, I would suggest the full website package.

Can we do SEO during the half-day?

SEO is only included in the Full Day or SEO package. The Half Day is strictly limited to design updates. Any SEO work done in the full day will not be a full SEO update, since the time is typically split between design and SEO. If you want to give your website a full SEO update, you’ll want to book a SEO VIP day.

What happens if we don’t finish everything in the time allotted?

Before your VIP day rolls around, I ask that you prioritize the most important tasks on your list of needs. Any remaining tasks can be scheduled for another session or managed as part of an ongoing service agreement if you choose.

Do I need to be available during the retainer?

Yes! You can work on your own projects, but please do not take calls or meetings during that time so we can communicate quickly if needed!

Do I need to already have a website?

This is not a package to set up a new website. All VIP days are for businesses with existing sites! If you don’t have a website yet, you can book a full website design!

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