Have #allthequestions about the tech and operations side of your business?

Get individual, monthly support that helps you get unstuck (so you can get things done).

How many times in a day, in a week, in a month, have you wondered how to do something in your business?

From as simple to “How do I create and share a Pinterest image?” to as complex as “How do I start a podcast?” we’re all learning as we go.

But that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. 

For those who want to find solutions to their questions — and get things done in their business quick — I offer tech and operations coaching.

Tech + Operations Coaching Package


Ongoing Support

New processes and projects within your business mean new questions. Get the answers you need when they come up, instead of waiting for “time to look into it.”

Individual Guidance

Google searches and reading about “what everyone else is doing” only gets you so far. Get solutions for YOUR business without all the trial-and-error.

Confidence Boosts

Execute on solutions with easy-to-follow tips and strategies. You’ll learn new skills, boost your confidence, and feel more capable in your business.

“Working one on one with Jess has been such a benefit in growing my business. I have unlimited access to her when I’m in a pinch, and our monthly sessions have been so fruitful.  She always has the answers to my tech/marketing questions and eliminates any confusion that arises as I continue to learn and navigate my website and business. Her marketing ideas are so helpful, and she has the latest and up-to-date information at her finger tips. She’s been such a blessing to my business!” – Lorri

What does tech + operations coaching look like in action?

Ginny, a brand strategist, had questions about:

– Podcasting setup
– Planning and publishing episodes
– Launch strategy

Lorri, a life coach, needed support with her new:

– Dubsado workflows
– Squarespace site
– Social media content

Kelvin, an online personal trainer, wanted to know how to improve his:

– Social media marketing
– Blogging and content
– Local marketing

“Having Jess there to guide me through different platforms of social media, and tell me how each one can be leveraged for my business put me at ease. I’ve read a lot of blogs and books on developing a platform for my business — most of them are just full of information, which leaves you to create the action plan. I was expecting a few speeches about things that I’ve probably read already, or just a regurgitation of ideas I’ve already heard.

Instead, I received a more hands on approach. I went to a Montessori school as a child, so this sat well with me. I ended up receiving way more than I figured I would get. Jess walked me through the entire process. We discussed what works and what doesn’t, and created homework assignments around it for me to work on. My mind was blown by the value of what Jess gave me. The ideas that were presented were clear and concise, Jess talked to me and not at me, and I looked forward to the next session.”  – Kelvin

What’s included in the tech + operations package?

While every client’s tech and operations needs are different, I offer one-on-one support to make sure your big ideas get moving.

  • 1-hour call once per month, where we’ll discuss:
    • Projects you’re working on and what questions you have
    • Follow-up on projects from previous calls
    • Adjustments and new resources based on your progress
  • 3 and 6 month options of support
  • Unlimited Slack access to ask questions as they arise

No more tech headaches. No more feeling “stuck.”

Investment: $350/month


I just have a couple of tech questions. Can we set up a time to talk?

No, I only offer tech support within this package.


Will you do the tech and operations stuff I can’t figure out?

No, if you decide you want me to do some website work FOR you, you can hire me for additional work.


How many calls and questions do I get a month?

1 one-hour Zoom call, with unlimited questions on the call and on Slack.

What will be expected of me?

We strategize together, and you implement! I will check in on your work during our calls, but it’s really up to you to get the work done!


Do you have experience with [insert platform/tool/process]?

When you apply, we can discuss what platforms you want help with, and if I’m able to help.


What if I just started and have no idea what I’m doing?

Welcome to the club! I’m here to support you as you learn how to build your business from a tech and operations standpoint. 

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