June SEO Bootcamp is here!


Your website is outdated, but you don’t need an entire overhaul.

“I made my website myself 4 years ago when I opened my business. What I had was super standard, boring, and totally not creative. It worked functionally, but the design was definitely missing. I just never felt truly proud to send people to my site before. The half-day retainer is easy, simple, and you will feel totally supported. I mean, before I had even “hired” you officially, you had gone ABOVE AND BEYOND answering all my questions. It just felt very reassuring to have you in my corner as a super strong resource.”  – Lexy Penney

You could be like Dynasti:

Within 10 days of doing the half day retainer, I booked one $7500 contract, one Accelerator Spot ($2500), and two Speaking Gigs ($1000).”

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Half-Day Retainer

This package includes:

– Editing or creating up to 4-5 pages
– Updating plugins
– Two rounds of edits

Investment: $1,200

Examples of what this could look like:

  • Amy needs a shop page and e-commerce added to her website, as well as adding a “Team” section onto her About page, and some other photo swaps.
  • Emily needs a new sales page for her group program, some text edits to her Services page, and new pictures on her Home page, as well as a new plugin added to her website.
  • Kim wants to add a blog page to her website, to redo her About page, and to update her SEO across her website.


What if I only want SEO help?

You should check out my other package!

What do you NOT do during the retainer?

I cannot move platforms or change themes. I can only add or re-design a few pages. This is NOT the time to get a full website re-design.

How do we schedule our half-day?

I’ll let you know my next few spots that are open, and you can choose which one works for you. It’s four hours of work, so you’ll need to be available during that time to give feedback.

Do I need to be available during the retainer?

Yes, you’ll need to be readily available for the entire four hours. You can be working on your own stuff, but I ask that you not take calls or meetings during that time.

Do I need to already have a website?

Yes, this is not a package to setup a new website.

When you work with me, I’m not just a face in your inbox, I’m your teammate.

Other clients I’ve worked with:

“Working with you has transformed my relationship to my online presence. Having a site and branding that feels completely authentic to who I am at this moment in time is so empowering. You provided a sense of tremendous ease to the process every step of the way. I felt truly valued and understood — offline and now online. I’m so grateful for the foundation you have given me to grow my online identity.” – Carolyn Rubenstein


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