The great part of being an online entrepreneur is that it’s so easy for us to connect with people from all over. While we can’t exactly connect with every single person individually, it’s easier than ever to learn from one another. In today’s post, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite podcasts and books!

Now, before you jump into these books and podcasts, I wanted to give you one quick tip. I know it can be overwhelming to take in all of this content and to process it (or even retain it). So, to help, I’ve started my own notebook where I write down at least one thing I’ve learned from each podcast episode, or book (or even, chapter).


Reina, one of the co-hosts of the Creative Empire Podcast, had this to say:

“There are a million pieces to podcasting, but don’t let it stop you from doing it. Be thoughtful and strategic and you can still have fun. There are plenty of companies that allow you to outsource the editing and the technical bits. There are plenty of people who can teach you what the heck an RSS feed and what show notes are. Don’t let the tech stop you. Through our podcast, I’ve learned that people who have “made it” didn’t always know what the heck they were doing. That they felt just as lost as others. That by just keeping at it, they have made their way and that there wasn’t a linear path to their success. I’ve learned that “what’s duh to you is mind-blowing to others!” that what we inherently know is powerful and useful to others and we often downplay it, to our detriment. So shine on, friend!”

Podcasts are great because you can listen while you drive, while you get ready, or while you work! What’s also great is that many podcasters (like myself) also have a video version of the podcast, where you can actually watch the interview (if it’s an interview). On iTunes, you can also increase the speed of the audio file to get through episodes quicker.

Bonus tip: leave a review for those podcasts you love! That helps podcasts show up in search more. 


  • Drive by Daniel H. Pink
  • Launch by Jeff Walker
  • #AskGaryVee by Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Go Pro by Eric Worre
  • Start with Why by Simon Sinek
  • The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes
  • Write. Publish. Market. by Jodi Brandon
  • EntrepreFriendships by Monique Melton

Jodi, author of Write. Publish. Market., wanted to share her insight:

“I wrote Write.Publish.Market. because I am regularly asked overview-type questions about the writing and publishing processes. I work with authors one-on-one as an editor and as a writing coach, but some people don’t need that sort of attention and want a broader overview. I see Write. Publish. Market. as a handbook, really, of the overall process, and readers can decide whether they need one-on-one attention in one or more particular areas. A book seemed like a good way to answer the questions that so many have while at the same time further establishing my credibility in this genre.

The most important thing I learned actually came after the writing: the self-publishing how-to. This is something I have seen tutorials and have advised clients on for years, but I had never actually gone through the process myself as an author. I’m happy to say it really was just as easy as everyone says it is. (Whew!)”

Books do take a more concentrated effort to get through, obviously (unless you get an audio book). But, the good news is you can write and highlight to your heart’s desire! Books can also help you create more content of your own (like this very post!) – maybe it inspires a new idea, or you can do a recap post/video!

Bonus tip: similar to iTunes podcasts, the authors always appreciate getting more reviews from readers to show up in search more!

Quick start guide

Maybe, after looking at this list, you’re thinking… well, what if I want to start a podcast or write a book? How would I do that? Before you do anything, just think about the time and money investment that these projects would require of you. You want to do these things well, as they are an extension of your brand – so consider your time!

Starting a podcast:

  • Set a schedule and a theme
  • If you’re interviewing people, who will you interview?
  • Who will edit the audio?
  • Where will you host the podcast files? (They need to be on a website.)

Writing a book:

  • Create a launch plan, and set a date
  • Who will proofread or edit your book?
  • Who will design and layout your book?
  • Will you self-publish or go through a traditional publisher?
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