Raise your hand if you have ever had to sit through a presentation (or webinar) that had an AWFUL PowerPoint up on the screen. 

*raises hand*

Thank you for raising your hand with me. I think we can all agree that there have been some really horribly designed presentations out there – neon colors, red text on a blue background, text that’s too small to read, on and on. 

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Bad presentations lead to bad communication, which leads to less sales, which means… less money in your wallet. My guess is that if you are presenting something, you are passionate about it. You’re not going to be able to demonstrate that passion with a boring template that uses Times New Roman. 

Today, I’m giving you three steps to improve your presentations AND a FREE new tool to help you create your presentations.

1. Choose colors wisely

Try to avoid using “pure” colors on your background. For example, if you want to use red, instead of using the default red, darken the shade of red a bit so it’s not so glaringly bright. More light is reflected by bright colors, causing excessive stimulation in your eyes. This makes yellow (and other extremely bright colors) an eye irritant.

2. Don’t use too much text

I’ve seen WAY too many presentations with slides that are just filled with too much text. Use bullet points to shorten the text and convey the main point. Bonus tip: no one likes to listen to you just read what’s on the screen! Messages with concise points make it easier for your audience to remember. (Like these three steps I’m covering right now…)

Another way to break up the text? Graphics! You could use icons instead of bullet points. Or, screenshots if it has something to do with a computer. There are tons of free image sites out there for you to use, take advantage of them! Take it a step further and use a unique layout instead of just plastering your image in the middle of the screen. #boring

3. Personalize your presentation!

This is another great chance for you to show off your brand. Put your logo on the first slide. Incorporate your brand colors! If you can (and if it makes sense), incorporate your brand typography as well. If I were to make a presentation right now, it would be a white background, with clean and simple slides, bold fonts (with my teal color) for headers and a clean, sans-serif font for the body. 

About that FREE, new tool…

I just found out about Visme – it’s similar to Canva, but focuses on presentations and infographics. Super intuitive and easy to create your next presentation! There is a free membership available, or you can upgrade to unlock some more features. I made a quick video overview of Visme – check it out! 

Bad presentations = bad communication = less sales. Change that with three easy steps!

What complaints do you most often have about presentations?

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