Turn more website visitors into clients!

You don’t need to learn ALL of the things about your website and online presence. You just need to learn the RIGHT things. 😉

There’s SO MUCH information out there about websites.

Your website is your #1 asset online. Yes, you might get clients from Instagram or have a great sales funnel, but at the end of the day, it’s your website that lets people know they can trust you.

So… are you leveraging your website to build authority?

Are you creating content on your site that establishes you as the expert?

Are clients coming to you from your website, ready to get started because they love what they’ve seen?

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing the answer might be: “I don’t think so.”

You need a strong website to build a stronger business, including better clients and more revenue. You need to treat your website as the asset it is, and create content within your website that helps you serve your audience.

But now that you know you need your website to build authority and serve your audience… you’re probably thinking “I don’t have the tech skills,” or “I don’t understand what I should do first.”

Can the Better Collective help you do both? Of course it can!

Each month inside the Better Collective membership, I break it all down and help you focus on what you NEED to know to turn that traffic into clients.

Before joining The Better Collective, I was just Googling random DIY articles & tutorials. I trust Jess, and appreciated her expertise as well as her teaching style. Since I joined The Better Collective, I feel more confident and capable of managing my own site.

Beth Summers

We were feeling like our own site was inadequate and not up to par to where we’d like it to be – we felt it lacked professionalism, cleanliness, & knowing what to put where. We really wanted the side hustle to be profitable, and were sick of Googling all these little things here or there to figure it out. Since joining the Better Collective, we have a better understanding of SEO and how that animal works – we were able to update recipes and keywords and have seen a bump in consistent, daily visitors on our website as a result. I honestly cannot think of a darn thing I’d change about BC!

Elise Compston

Attract more clients and amplify your influence without the tech headache.

The problem that I see with my clients is that they invest in a nice new website, and then… nothing. Crickets. They’re not getting the traction they want (or deserve) because they don’t know how to leverage their website to build influence.

They lose out on so many potential opportunities––more clients, more speaking gigs, more press opportunities, and (this is a BIG one!) higher search ranking.

Setting up your site to sell

The Better Collective has helped me understand the power of leveraging my website as a part of my business strategy instead of seeing it as just something to have in order to feel legit. Each month, the sessions and tips I’m learning are helping me to take my entire marketing strategy to the next level and instead of defaulting to google for website issues and hurdles, my default has been to go the The Better Collective community forum first. Very grateful for the content, confidence in business tools it has given me, and for Jess’s approach to how she leads us as members.

Dynasti Hunt

What to expect from The Better Collective

20+ actionable workshops that help you focus on the most critical things to streamline and amplify the results from your website and online presence

Workshops on About pages, Home pages, sales pages, learning Google Analytics, how to optimize for search, what you legally need on your website, and more! PLUS, a new one EACH month.


Feedback (From me personally! Not an assistant...) on all your big website questions


Time-saving website blueprints and resources

Guest trainings from a diverse line-up of guest experts

The Better Collective

What if you had a simple* blueprint to turn more visitors into clients?

Start with your strategy first, so that you save yourself TIME. I cover the overall strategy, which pages you need to update, marketing, and how to distribute your content once it’s ready to publish. You are going to feel so CONFIDENT about your strategic website as a member of the Better Collective. 

*Yes, I mean actually simple. These trainings don’t use fancy jargon or buzzwords, I make it as easy as possible for you to take action after watching them!

Learn from workshops about About pages, Home pages, sales pages, Google Analytics, optimizing for search, what you legally need on your website, and more!

Jess taught me how to boost SEO with consistent blogging, which helped to boost my Google referrals. Last November, I had 240 visits with only 14% from Google. I updated my SEO titles per Jess’s recs in the workshop, and my Google referrals are at 48% of my total traffic! Not only that, but my total visits increased to 2.5-3k!

Erin Judge

Hi there, I’m Jess.

I’m an award-winning designer and the owner of Jess Creatives. I’m committed to helping, including, and elevating business owners of all races, ages, and religions. 

I’ve worked with hundreds of health and wellness pros, business owners, and entrepreneurs to build their websites. On top of that, I have produced over 300 blog posts, 300 videos, and two podcasts as a one-woman business.

And no, I’m not a “business coach” — I’m the website strategy and tech expert that your business coach would hire to teach them what to do! 😜 I’m here to teach you how to simplify and amplify your online presence, so you can get the results you’re really wanting for your business.


Don't do it alone.

Brainstorm with like-minded business owners AND learn from guest experts! Inside The Better Collective, you’ll have access to our exclusive Facebook community.


Make easy progress.

Trying to transform your website is overwhelming. Inside TBC, you’ll have easy actionable steps. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish in 10-15 minutes a week.

Get more clients.

You’ll learn how to optimize your site to convert more visitors into clients, and how to stay consistent so you’re always giving your audience — and Google! — what they want (so they keep coming back for more….)

“I had already worked with Jess before joining Better Collective, so I knew the content would be good and helpful. Since joining the Better Collective, my growth has skyrocketed!

Lorri Ansari

You need The Better Collective if…

– You create some type of content (blogs, videos, or podcasts) and want help making it more effective.
– Your have an established website that’s stagnant + stale, and want to get more use out of it.
– You have 1-2 hours a month to spend on simple website tasks (that don’t involve coding).

This is NOT for you if…

– You don’t have a website for your business, or even create any content for your business.
– You are only a blogger, and not a business owner.
– You don’t mange your website yourself, or are not comfortable making simple changes (adding text, working with plugins, etc).

You want to be seen as an expert. You want more clients. You want better SEO. I’ll teach you the simple way to do that.

“Before I joined the Better Collective, I wasn’t getting enough traffic to my site and didn’t know what to do to make it more appealing and function better. I designed my site myself so I really didn’t know what I was doing and wanted someone who knew best practices. I love the community in Better Collective. If I hadn’t joined, I’d still be trying other people and wasting money on ‘experts’. Trust goes a long way with me and Jess has earned it! The support in BC has been wonderful. I get so many compliments on my site now! – Jill Monaco

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get access to past workshops?

You have access to previous prompts and workshops in the portal.

What if I don't have a website?

You’re welcome to join if you’re in the middle of shifting from blogger to business owner, or in the middle of creating a website. However, it’s not going to teach you step-by-step how to create your website. The resources and trainings WILL definitely help you as you’re creating your website though. Plus, you have tons of access to me for questions and feedback!

Does it matter if I use Squarespace or WordPress?

Nope! All website platforms are welcome.

How long do I have access to the materials?

You have access to the materials as long as you are a member. If you cancel, you lose all access to the trainings and downloads.

Can I pass off the tasks to my VA?

Absolutely! While your VA cannot access the Facebook group, we can set it up so that they receive the weekly prompts and execute the work for you.

What if I don't have a blog?

This membership is geared toward people who are creating some type of content online: blogs, videos, or podcasts. There will still be helpful info outside of content creation, but there will be some info that won’t pertain to you if you do not create content. If you want to START creating content, this membership will help keep you accountable.

What if I don't use Facebook?

The weekly prompts will also be sent via email, so even if you don’t want to be in the Facebook group, you can get the prompts!

Who are the guest experts?

You have access to all past guest experts (including Brittney Lynn, Jessica Rasdall, Dynasti Hunt, Sam Vander Wielen and more!), but new guests are brought in each month.

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