What’s the best WordPress theme for dietitians? Two common WordPress themes that I’ve seen a lot of dietitians using are Cookely and Foodie Pro. They aren’t what I totally recommend, and I want to talk about why. When you look at these themes, they are geared specifically towards the dietitians, and that’s really smart of the theme creators to do that. They’re niching down, they are really marketing towards one specific industry, and they’ve tailored this theme to have a specific functionality. But what a lot of people don’t understand is that you can get the same functionality with plugins and any other theme.

We all have enough decisions to make in a single week or even just a single day. So, today, I want to help you simplify your website design process and give you my favorite theme for dietitians.

My name’s Jess, and if you’re new here, I make videos every single week for business owners like you to help you save time and look good online. Today, I’m sitting in my kitchen because it’s time to make lunch. I actually meal prep all of my meals for the week every single weekend. It really simplifies my week. I have less decisions to make. Meal prep is not really part of business, but it simplifies my life. Anything I can do to simplify things in my business or my life, I am game for.

What’s the best WordPress theme for dietitians?

There’s really nothing wrong with using a WordPress theme that is specifically geared towards one specific industry. There’s nothing wrong with that except, sometimes these themes can be really limiting. There have been plenty of times when I’ve looked at someone’s website and asked them like, “Why do you have this section on the bottom of your homepage?” or, “What’s this widget doing on this blog post?” Like you don’t need to use that. They’re like, “Well, it’s built into the theme and I can’t really figure out how to disable it or whatever. Like that sidebar has to be on ever page with this WordPress theme.” As a business owner, you need to have as much functionality as you can in your theme because your website is super important. You don’t want to distract people with an unnecessary sidebar on every single page. You need the capability to remove that.

That is why I personally use the Divi theme and recommend it to all of my clients who are looking for a WordPress theme.

It is so, so flexible. You can use tons of plugins, you can have a shop with Divi, it’s easy to set up a blog, a podcast, whatever you want. It’s so, so versatile. I just want to quickly show you three dietitian websites that I have designed recently using the Divi theme.

First we have Kim, then there is Ashley, and lastly, Whitney. Now, all three of these are dietitians, they’re all using the Divi theme, and their websites are totally different. Obviously, they’re different colors and fonts, but they’re also different layouts. That’s the beauty of the Divi theme. No page has to be the exact same. (Even if you’re on Squarespace like Erin, not every page has to be the same!)

I also want to point out one reason this is my favorite WordPress theme for dietitians is that Divi is drag and drop, so that makes it super easy to rearrange things, create new pages, add new elements. Whenever I send my tutorial to my clients after we’ve launched their website, it’s really easy for them to jump in and start learning Divi, so they can update and manage their website on their own.

If you’re interested in having me build your website too, get more info here.

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