As a self-taught video editor, I definitely understand how hard it can be to try and learn new video editing software, especially when you’re like, “I’m just trying to run a YouTube channel. I don’t even want to become a full-time video editor.” So in today’s video I want to show you a new iPhone app – Adobe Rush CC – that you can use to edit videos on your phone.

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If you’re new here, my name’s Jess and I create videos every week for business owners like you to help you save time and look good online, which is why today I want to show you how to start editing videos so you can start your YouTube channel. 

But now I’m going to show you how to edit on your phone with Adobe Rush CC. So when you pull up the app, you’re first going to see this blank screen. So we want to click on Create New Project. And then we want to find the video clips that you’ve already recorded on your phone. So they’ll most likely be in the Camera Roll tab. Then select your clips. You can also name your project if you want. And then click Create.

So here’s our editing screen in Adobe Rush CC. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m not going to dive into every single functionality because I want this to be simple. I don’t want to overcomplicate it for you because your videos don’t have to be fancy. So I really just want to show you the bare basics.

The first thing is if you need to move the clip on the screen. So I’m just going to drag this from left to right so I can see what the clip actually is on screen. And if I need to, at the very bottom I can also see what options I have. So I have titles, transitions, color, audio, transform. And then over here, this scissor icon. That’s how we can trim our video footage.

So I want to cut off this first little part of my clip. So I’m going to click the scissors. And now you can see the orange piece that is selected, I can actually press the trashcan icon to delete that part.

Then there are these other options for titles, transitions, color, audio, and transform within Adobe Rush CC. So for instance, you could slice this clip and then add a transition. Then you can just drag and drop your transition between the two clips. You also have the option to add these titles or texts onto your video, which could be good for either the title of your video, or if you have segments to your video you could use text to help break that up. You can drag and drop to place it before, or drag and drop so it goes above the video footage. That way the text is on top of the footage. I’m going to delete that text.

And if you ever need to add more footage or photos to your project, press the blue plus button down in the bottom corner, and you can see you can actually take a picture now to add it, add media, add a title or even add voiceover.

But for this example, since we’re doing a super simple video, I really just wanted to trim a little bit, add some transitions, and I’m ready to export. So I’m going to press the little second box up at the top with the arrow pointing up, so that I can export. Then I’ll click the blue export button. It’s going to export it to my device, but it also has the option to share this on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Behance. So you can use one of those options if you want when using Adobe Rush CC.