Design agency vs in-house design team?

If you’re considering bringing your web design services in-house to save costs and make your business more profitable, I can help you get setup.

Working with a white-label agency can be frustrating and expensive.

Bringing your design services in-house can help streamline your processes and boost your bottom line. But, starting that process can be overwhelming… and you’re already in the middle of running a business.

1:1 Business Consulting

Easy to follow processes

We’ll discuss the easiest ay to onboard new clients and streamline your client experience.

Plug and play forms

Make your client interactions a breeze with pre-made questionnaires that will save you hours.


Ongoing support

After our time together, you have access to me for three months for additional support.

Why should you trust me?

  • I’m an award-winning designer who has run a successful business for 10+ years, increasing my revenue (and profit!) each year–now profiting over six figures.
  • I’ve been through it all: great clients, bad clients, successful launches courses, failed launches, brand sponsorships, niching down, hiring team members, organizing online events, and more.
  • As a designer, I’ve worked with major brands like Chick-fil-A Race Series and Georgia Institute of Technology. I’ve also gotten YouTube sponsorships from Adobe, Flywheel, and Headliner App.
  • My clients have been able to increase their prices, land $10k contracts, book speaking gigs (and more!) after working with me.

What’s included:

This intensive includes everything you need to add design to your available agency services and hit the ground running with a full-fledged design business line:

  • 2-hour call to discuss client onboarding
  • 2-hour call to discuss website design
  • Client onboarding questionnaire
  • Client testimonial form
  • One WordPress Divi template to use with clients
  • 3 months of Slack support for questions

$24,000 // split into payments across 3-6 months


I just have a couple of tech questions. Can I just pick your brain?

No, but I do offer business consulting.


Will you do the tech and operations stuff I can’t figure out?

No, there is no implementation included within this package.


How many calls and questions do I get a month?

There aren’t monthly calls. There are only two Zoom calls with 3-months of Slack support.

What types of businesses is this good for?

This intensive is great for small marketing agencies, or designers who want to start a business.

What will be expected of me?

We strategize together, and you implement! 

Do you have experience with [insert platform/tool/process]?

The specifics of what tools you use don’t matter. We will discuss the tools as needed, but there’s no requirement to switch to new software.