Are you ready to expand your brand beyond a website? You’ve come to the right place.

Good design will help you grow your audience – in any medium. If you create e-books, PDFs, and other physical resources, you want them to stand out and connect. No one wants to see clip-art logos and Comic Sans-filled books and PDFs. Step up your game with design that people will associate with your brand. 

Physical books start at $3,000, and includes upload to Amazon. PDF creation starts at $80/page.

See my work in action!

When you work with me, I’m not just a face in your inbox, I’m your teammate.


“I have worked with VERY FEW people who deliver what and when they say they will deliver, and Jess exceeded my hopes. She helped me figure out what I want, totally put me at ease, and now I actually feel like I understand my website.” – Nicki Wilson, fitness coach


Do you work with ALL business owners?

I do my best work when I’m excited about the project, so if I feel like your needs are not something I best suited for, I can refer you to someone else.

While most of my work is with health and fitness professionals, I do also work with other service-based businesses.

How do the payment plans work?

I’m flexible on payment plans, as long as you are paid in full before we launch your website. If you want the six payments–great! Rather pay small installments every single week? That works, too!

When can we start?

My availability varies! But website audits and VIP websites can be done at anytime. I can let you know my next availability for other projects when you inquire.

What if I want something different than what's in your portfolio?

Each website design is customized to YOUR brand. So, you might not see what fits “you” in my portfolio. Have a neon color palette? Great! I can work with that. Want to use pastel colors? Great! I can work with that. I’m not going to force your brand to fit into a box. 

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