The number one question I hear people ask when they’re getting started with a WordPress site, “What theme should I pick if I want…[insert desired features here]?” And I almost always recommend using the Divi theme.

That’s probably not a surprise since everyone wants their website to look and function in a way that’s right for their business. And for most creative entrepreneurs or freelance business owners, they want the easy and simplicity of working with a theme.

That’s why I love working with the Divi theme.

In fact, I pretty much only use Divi when designing WordPress websites.

That’s because, when I hear someone ask the question I mentioned above, 99% of the time I respond by letting them know, “Divi can do that!”

Divi is one of the most versatile WordPress themes out there — and it even comes with a drag & drop page builder that makes it super easy to customize your WordPress website in a few clicks.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect theme for your WordPress website, I highly recommend considering Divi as an option. Here’s why:

Select specific content to display only on certain devices

These days, the experience people have when viewing your site from their mobile device matters more than ever.

That’s why I like that Divi allows you to customize the content that shows up on certain devices.

A few ways you could use this Divi feature include:

  • Showing more or less text on a landing page so that there’s a CTA “above the fold”
  • Adding or removing banners on certain pages so people can immediately see the most important content on the page right away on any given device
  • Hiding pinnable blog images on mobile since the image alone will take up almost the whole screen when people first click to the blog (and most won’t pin it from their phones)

This feature is one of my favorites because it gives you the flexibility to optimize the look and feel of your site, so that people have a great experience no matter which device they’re using.

Easily make specific content on your Divi site stand out

You’ve probably seen this on long-form sales pages before — sections of content (like bullet points of features, bonuses, testimonials, etc.) have different background colors or images. This tells your brain where to focus as you scroll down the page.

Since most of us have short attention spans these days, switching up background colors for different sections of content is great way to hold people’s attention and direct it in the right place.

Divi allows you to do this for any/all sections of content on your site without any extra effort.

It makes building sales pages so much easier. Plus, it’s a fun way to work more of your brand colors into your normal site layout, while keeping a clean look.

Save custom layouts and download free page templates

Like I said, Divi is completely customizable. So you can create page layouts for any type of page you want to have on your site.

From portfolio pages, to sales and landing pages, you can create a layout (or download a premade page layout from their library of ready-to-use templates) to fit your specific needs and save it to use again and again.

If you add new content to your site on a regular basis, being able to select a layout and simply plug in the content is a big time saver.

Add visual interest with Divi icons

Icons are a quick and easy way to add visual interest to your site and “polish” it up a bit. Many of us are visual learners, so icons can also be a key tool for communicating certain information on your site.

Problem is, icons can be expensive. And a lot of times you have hunt for the right one.

Divi comes with a range of 300+ high-quality icons you can use on your site for free — score for saving money and time, while building an awesome-looking site!

You can customize Divi to do almost anything

Of course, there are some instances when a custom-coded site is the only solution if you’re looking to create a specific type of site and/or add a specific type of functionality to your site.

But it many situations, Divi can get the job done.

I’ve met and worked with people who have paid designers hundreds of dollars to custom-code websites and site features that could’ve easily been done using Divi.

Using Divi is a far more affordable option in most cases.

Even if you already love your theme, you may want to check out the Divi Page Builder plugin. You can use it with any theme and it’s especially useful if you’re not as comfortable adding content to your site on WordPress.

The Divi Page Builder plugin turns adding content to your site into a drag-and-drop process that’s visual and more intuitive than just using the typical WordPress back end.

Those are just a few reasons why I think Divi is the way to go when you want a customizable, well-designed WordPress site. But don’t take my word for it, learn more for yourself here.


*There are affiliate links used within this post, but I only recommend things I truly love!

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