If you know me, then you already know I’m a huge fan of YouTube and video marketing. So, it probably goes without saying that this post is NOT meant to deter you from using YouTube to grow your business. But as YouTube grows in popularity, many creative entrepreneurs are looking for either:

  • An alternative way to experiment with using video marketing in their business before starting a YouTube channel or,
  • Video platforms and strategies that will work well in conjunction with their YouTube channel.

That’s why in this post I’m sharing 4 alternative (aka, non-YouTube) ways to use video marketing in your business.

1. Create a freebie video series to grow your email list.

If you’ve been growing your business online for a while, you’ve probably seen people offer 3-part video trainings in exchange for their audience members’ email addresses.

A video series is a great way to grow your list, because it helps you to connect and build the “know, like, trust” factor with potential clients. They tend to stay more engaged and convert faster since they automatically feel connected to your business.

Want to grow your list with a video series freebie? Watch the tutorial below to get started.

2. Go live on Facebook or Instagram

Live video has become really popular in the past couple of years — and for good reason.

First, there’s almost no barrier to get started — grab your phone, open Facebook or Instagram and hit “go live” — it’s that simple! It’s also a great way to connect with your audience since they can ask questions and interact in real time while you’re live.

Not to mention, platforms like Facebook and Instagram are pushing live video in a big way. Since live video is getting prioritized in people’s feeds more than other content, going live can be a really effective way to increase your visibility.

Get started going live by hosting a “live show” like my husband and I did with “Behind The Screen,”our weekly Facebook Live show. Or for a more intimate experience, you can go live inside a Facebook group to offer exclusive trainings or Q&A’s.

3. Experiment with video ads

A lot of people think video ads need to be really fancy and professional, so most creative entrepreneurs are nervous to experiment with using video ads to promote their business.

Well, good news, you can shake off your nerves and start experimenting. In many cases, the super real, authentic, smartphone-edited video ads tend to convert better than those that are fancy.

Plus, video ads convert better, in general, than standard images ads. So, if you’re looking for a more cost effective way to promote your business, video ads just might be the way to go.

Check out this quick video where I share the “Ingredients For A Great Video Ad.” All you need to do next is grab your smartphone and start experimenting!

4. Host a webinar or masterclass

You might have heard the “rumor” that people are getting “coursed-out” right now. And, in general, I think that might be true. A lot of my close business friends and clients seem to be leaning away from buying online courses. This is simply because they don’t have time to consume all the content.

However, people still seem to be showing up (maybe more than ever!) to webinars and masterclasses for quick trainings on specific topics. For this reason, among others, hosting a webinar or masterclass can be a great way to use video marketing for your business.

I’m a fan of webinars and masterclasses is because you can record your live trainings and offer them later as freebies to grow your email list. Not to mention, in many cases, you can even sell them as paid offers!

So, out of these four ways to use video marketing for your business, which one will you try first? 

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