In 2019, there are four things I’m trying to help my YouTube channel grow. Hopefully these easy tips/strategies can be implemented in your own channel as well.

    First, I’m incorporating more personal aspects of my day and life into videos. Not to turn my content into a personal channel, but just to share more of my whole life, and not just tutorials on this channel.

    Second, using End Screens on YouTube more consistently. This is something I should have been doing all along, and have done a few times here and there in spurts, but not super consistently.

    Third, I’ve been using simpler and more colorful thumbnails to help stand out in the feed more! It’s still on brand, which is important, but hopefully catches the eye more.

    Lastly, I’m focusing on just videos and podcasts, instead of blogging. Instead of driving my traffic to blogs, videos, and podcasts, I’m just going to do two channels of content.

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