Premium Squarespace templates are a game-changer for online business owners! Squarespace is an all-in-one solution for business owners who need a website, domain, email, and more. Squarespace websites can have blogs, online shops, galleries, and more. Plus, Squarespace has built-in analytics to help you track your website data. (If you’re interested, here’s more website platform information. I always recommend Squarespace and WordPress, but not Wix.)

What makes Squarespace different from WordPress is that they have built-in, free website templates and themes available to users. It’s also easy to switch between themes at anytime. But, if you’re wanting something more custom for your Squarespace website, you can also now purchase premium Squarespace templates and themes from designers and developers.

Keep in mind, these third-party templates do require a bit of work on your end. These aren’t always just a one-click install. From my experience, the templates come with plenty of step-by-step instructions, though! They’ll tell you the exact design style settings inside Squarespace, and what goes where on each page. There are other ways to customize Squarespace sites though, if you don’t want to change templates.

21 places to buy premium Squarespace templates

Kate Scott

Kate’s Squarespace templates are specifically designed for service providers and course creators. Right now, she has two templates, that each have a Basic and Plus version of the templates available, depending on your needs. Her Squarespace templates start at $397.

Note: unlike other developers, Kate actually adds you as an admin to a demo Squarespace site with the premium template already in place. You just swap out the photos and text!

Big Cat Creative

Erica has one of the larger showcases of premium Squarespace templates available, with a wide variety of Squarespace designs available. Her Squarespace template kits start at $149. Many of her templates are available both for Squarespace 7.0 and Squarespace 7.1 – but not all. So, just be sure to check the availability, and be sure it matches your Squarespace account.

Station Seven

Mike and Brittni also have a wide variety of templates available, and at a super affordable price of only $99! Like most premium Squarespace templates, there’s no need to learn how to code to install their design kits. They also offer the option of installing the theme with dummy content for you.


Chelsea also has a nice collection of Squarespace templates. Some of them are available for both Squarespace 7.1 and 7.0, just depending on the template. Her Squarespace templates start at $149, but that also includes setting up the template for you within 48 hours.

Applet Studio

Olga and Roman are a designer and developer team that also offer a great variety of templates. They’ve split their templates into three categories: blogging, corporate, and creative. In addition to the Squarespace template itself, you also get access to the Squarespace Mastery mini series that will teach you Squarespace. Their templates start at $129.


Squaremuse is the sister company to FloThemes, which offers WordPress themes. They have a pretty big collection of modern Squarespace design kits (templates). Their themes are available for $249, with options for installation support or even full setup!


Candor has a small showcase of premium Squarespace templates available, but their templates also come with Canva graphic templates and a launch + SEO checklist! Like others, after you purchase, you’ll get an invite to your new Squarespace site (instead of having to install it yourself). Their Squarespace templates start at $148.

Ghost Plugins

The team at Ghost Plugins have created an amazing Squarespace resource – even if you don’t need a theme, I would highly suggest checking them out for their plugins! Their templates are installed for you within 24 hours to make it easier for you, and they start at $199.

GoLive HQ

GoLive has one of the larger collections of premium templates, and they are a little more of an investment than others on the list – but they are worth it! GoLive Squarespace templates are $299 each, and will be installed for you. Plus, tutorials to help you customize the site.


Brittany is another designer who offers Squarespace templates for business owners. She has templates for service-based businesses, podcasters, shop owners, bloggers, and creatives. Her templates are $199, and include installation!


Rache is a designer and developer who offers two templates. She has a template for Squarespace 7.0 available for $267, and one for 7.1 available for $349. She also Squarespace plugins to help you customize your website!

Bittersweet Designs

Rose and Thomas offer Squarespace templates for wedding photographers and other creative entrepreneurs. Not to mention, they have several other resources like pricing guides, social media templates, and much more. Their Squarespace templates start at $249.

Red Met Yellow

Red Met Yellow was one of the first shops that offered premium Squarespace templates, and now they also offer branding and marketing templates as well. Their templates start at $250, and are setup within 3-5 business days. Plus, they offer customization packages!

Square Design Guild

Unlike other templates, these premium templates do require a bit of custom CSS. But, they promise to take you step-by-step through the process. (Plus, adding code in Squarespace is easy peasy!) Their templates start at $275, and they do have an installation upgrade option.

Eleanor Stones

Eleanor is another Squarespace designer who offers three premium Squarespace templates. She is based in the UK, and her templates start at 195 pounds, or $257 USD. She also installs the template for you, and you get tutorials, Canva files, and an SEO workbook.

The Simple Site Shop

Mara is a designer who helps wedding industry pos with their website, and offers three premium templates. Her premium templates are $150, and that includes installation.


BeSquared is a Norway-based design company with a collection of templates. Like others, they install your premium template within 24 hours onto your Squarespace account. They also offer 1 month of professional support to answer all of your Squarespace questions! Their templates start at just $89.

Alana Jade Studio

Alana is an Australian designer who creates Squarespace websites for female entrepreneurs. Alana’s approach is very different than the others. You have four themes to choose from, and she’ll install it PLUS add your copy and images. There’s no customization of the layout or structure though. Her template + service starts at $2000 AUD, or about $1500 USD.

Wellness Site Shop

Mary is a web designer who specializes in making templates for wellness brands. Her templates start at $399, and they do include installation. There’s no coding involved, and you also get a full video library with tutorials and other resources.

Lastly, Etsy and Creative Market also have premium Squarespace templates available! If you have Squarespace questions, I answered several Squarespace questions here.

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